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Miss Katharine Groves


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PhD in the Department of Earth SciencesOpen Plan Area 


PhD Research

Landscape response to tectonic forcing across the continental collision zones of Eurasia

Deformation at zones of continental collision is complex and is an active area of research. These areas are characterised by mountain chains, sedimentary basins and high elevation, relatively flat tectonic plateaux. Landscapes are sensitive tracers of changes in environment such as tectonics and climate. Landscapes of tectonically active regions are shaped by interactions between surface processes such as erosion and the underlying uplift, faulting and deformation. Active zones of deformation provide insights into continent formation that are not available from inactive regions.

I am therefore using satellite elevation data and quantitative geomorphological techniques to gain insights into the processes occurring at continental collision zones, particularly focussing on how fold and thrust belts transform into tectonic plateaux.

This project is funded by the Iapetus DTP.