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Miss Liran Pang

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Member of the Durham Law School  


Liran obtained her Bachelor of Law degree from Xiamen University where she was a recipient of the “Pu Heng” Scholarship in 2013. Before that, she studied at National Taipei University in 2012 as an exchange student, where she developed a keen interest in comparative law. After graduation, Liran went on to study for a master’s degree at the University College London, where she was awarded her LL.M degree in competition law in November 2014, with a focus on the economic analysis of competition law.

Liran joined the Law School as a PhD candidate in October 2016. She is now engaged in research in the area of competition law with a focus on two-sided markets under the primary supervision of Dr Anca Chirita.

Current Research

Liran’s ongoing doctoral dissertation is entitled “An analysis of Unilateral Behaviours in Two-sided Markets from the Perspective of an Economic Analysis of Law”. Her research focuses on the market definition and unilateral behaviour in dual-sided markets, and it will be conducted using methods of economic analysis of law and comparative law. In terms of wider issues, her research will explore the interaction between competition law and intellectual property rights, and the novel issue of privacy in two-sided markets cases. 

Research Groups

Durham European Law Institute

Institute of Corporate and Commercial Law

Centre for Chinese Law and Policy

Research Interests

Competition Law

Law and Economics

Comparative Law

Research-related Activities

Shortlisted in the Student Challenge of European Commission Conference 'Shaping Competition Policy in the Era of Digitisation' (2019)


Conference Paper

  • Pang,Liran (2019), Competition Policy and Digital Innovation: A Chinese Market Perspective, 2019 Annual General Conference of the European China Law Studies Association. Durham University, England.
  • Pang,Liran (2019), Antitrust Actions Against Big Tech: Suppressing or Preserving Digital Innovation?, Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference. ‘Central Questions about Law’. University of Central Lancashire, England.

Other (Print)

  • Pang,Liran (2019). How Should European Merger Policy Respond to Global Competition? The Siemens/Alstom Merger Case.


  • Pang, Liran (2018), The Dark Side of Digital Economies: Why Competition Intervention Is Necessary, Edinburgh Postgraduate Law Conference: ‘The Law as it should be’. Edinburgh Law School.
  • Pang,Liran (2018), Antitrust Scrutiny of Online Giants Leveraging Strategies: Protecting a Competitive Market, or Suppressing Innovation?, Irish Postgraduate Research Conference. Dublin City University, Ireland.
  • Pang,Liran (2018), Is it Discrimination for A Platform to Support its Own Products? A Comparison of the Google Search Cases in the UK and the EU, Society of Legal Scholars' Graduate Conference 'Law in Troubled Times'. Queen Mary University of London, England.
  • Pang,Liran (2018), Is it Discrimination for A Platform to Support its Own Products? A Comparison of the Google Search Cases in the UK and the EU, ICCL Annual Postgraduate Research Conference ‘Commercial Law in Times of Change’. Durham University, England.
  • Pang, Liran (2018), The Google Search Cases: Is it Discrimination for A Platform to Support its Own Product? – Applying Antitrust Principles from Past Case Law on Novel Conducts in the New Economies, SOAS School of Law, Tenth Postgraduate Colloquium: ‘The Past, the Future and the Law’. University of London.
  • Pang, Liran (2017), Refining Two-sided Markets and Related Monopoly Concerns: An Integrated Economic Analysis of Law, ICCL Annual conference ‘Emerging Issues and Challenges in Commercial Law’. Durham Law School.