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Emeritus Professor Malcolm Munro

Emeritus Professor


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Emeritus Professor in the Department of Computer Science +44 (0) 191 33 41744


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I am Emeritus Professor of Software Engineering and my main research focus is Software Visualisation, Software Maintenance and Evolution, and Program Comprehension. The concern of the research is to establish how Legacy Systems evolve over time and to discover representations (visualisations) of those systems to enable better understanding of change.

I have led a number of EPSRC funded projects inclusding Release (Reconstruction of Legacy Systems), VVSRE (Visualising Software in a Virtual Reality Environment), GUSTT (Guided Slicing and Targeted Transformation), and Jigsaw (Distributed and dynamic visualisation generation). I am also involved in research in SaaS (Software as a Service) and the application of Bayesian Networks to software testing and program comprehension.

Research interests

  • Software Visualisation
  • Software Maintenance and Evolution
  • Program Comprehension
  • Service Oriented Architectures

Esteem Indicators

  • 2006: ACM Symposium on Software Visualisation: Steering Committee Program Committee
  • 2006: EPSRC College Member:
  • 2006: IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance: Program Committee (since 1989)

Media Contacts

Available for media contact about:

  • Computers: computers in a software enabled society
  • Computers: software maintenance
  • Computers: software engineering
  • Computers: impact of IT on business
  • Computers: safety of computers and software


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