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Liz Parker-Berry

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor in the School of Education


B.Ed Durham 1980
M.A. York 1992 Applied Educational Studies
AST 2002

Current role:
Teaching fellow
PGCE Science secondary co- subject leader

I started teaching in 1980 in a catholic secondary school in Middlesbrough and stayed there for 28 years. I always wanted to stay in the classroom and so after being made second in Science and KS3 coordinator, I applied for and was granted AST status in 2002
I was seconded to the School of Education in Durham by the TTA in 2004/5 as partnership development adviser.
I joined the department again part time in 2008 and now have a permanent role.

I co- run the secondary science PGCE
Have a partnership and mentor training role for the whole of the PGCE secondary.
I also teach on the BA Ed in Stockton years 1 and 3, and supervise dissertations for year 3.