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Mrs Mihaela Newton

Research Postgraduate (PhD)

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Research Postgraduate (PhD) in the Department of Geography  


The origin of bedrock mega-grooves in glaciated terrain

My PhD research is in glacial geomorphology and focusses on understanding the formation of bedrock mega-grooves. Mega-grooves are long, straight and parallel troughs in bedrock, which occur in palaeo and modern glaciated areas. Mega-grooves are regarded as landforms of erosion, thought to have formed subglacially, but there is uncertainty regarding the agents and processes that led to their formation, and also their age and glaciological significance. My project aims to address these uncertainties. Unlike other subglacial landforms, mega-grooves are a more rare occurrence and have received relatively little scientific attention, yet they hold the potential to advance our understanding of ice sheet behaviour and long-term landscape evolution.

Research interests


Chapter in book

  • Clare M. Boston & Mihaela Trelea-Newton (2013). Younger Dryas glacier reconstruction in the Glen Banchor tributary valleys. In The Quaternary of the Monadhliath Mountains and the Great Glen. Clare M. Boston, Sven Lukas & Jon W. Merritt Quaternary Research Association.

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