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Dr Mohammadreza Mohammadi

Research Associate


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Research Associate in the Department of Engineering  


Dr. Mohammadreza Mohammadi is a researcher in aerodynamics in the Department of Engineering, Durham University. His research interests lie in the field of aerodynamics and wind engineering. He is currently working with NREL and DNV to face challenges in windfarm optimisation through the development of new wind turbine wake models.
Before joining Durham University, he completed his Ph.D. in wind engineering and aerodynamics at the University of Birmingham to study the wind-induced failure in crops, where he conducted full-scale measurements to study the interaction of crops (as oscillating structures) with the wind. He also worked at Enflo lab, the University of Surrey on MAGIC project ( to study the pollution dispersion in urban areas through wind tunnel experiments.


Research associate in Department of Engineering

Fellow in the Durham Energy Institute

Honors and Awards

(2021) HEFI HORIZON Award (Teaching)

University of Birmingham

 (2016)The Walsh Ph.D. Fellowship 

Teagasc (Irish Agriculture and food development authority) and University of Birmingham

(2014)The best Paper Award, Emerging Trends in Energy Conservation (ETEC) 3rd International Conference, Tehran, Iran


Research interests

  • Wind Energy Aerodynamics
  • Experimental Fluid Mechanics
  • Wind engineering


Conference Paper

  • Mohammadi, M.,, Baker, C., Sterling, M., Finnan, J., & Soper, D. (2019), Calibration of a model for predicting wind-induced failure of oats, The International Conference on Wind Engineering (ICWE). Beijing.
  • Sterling, M.,, Baker, C., Joseph, G.,, Gillmeier, S., Mohammadi, M., Blackburn, G., Wyatt, D.,, Gullick, D., Berry, P., Hatley, D., Spink, J., Finan, J., Miao, Y., Thanda, D., & Sonder, K. (2018), Mitigating yield losses due to lodging of cereal crops, nternational Workshop on Wind-Related Disasters and Mitigation Tohoku University. Sendai, Japan..
  • Mohammadi, M.,, Baker, C., Sterling, M., & Finnan, J. (2018), A study on meteorological parameters in oat lodging, 13th UK Conference on Wind Engineering. Leeds, UK.

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