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Reverend Nick Brown

Member of the Department of Music


Nick is a part-time doctoral student, researching issues centred on the role of lay singers in Anglican cathedral choirs. 

The research is at an early stage, and it is hoped will include an exploration of the role of adult lay singers, their own experience of singing in liturgical settings, and the potential for theological exploration on the basis of these performances. Key areas for exploration are the self-understanding of the musicians themselves, the inherited role that they fulfil within the cathedral setting, and potential (or lack of) for creative engagement with the Church’s task of theological revelation.

Nick has undergraduate degrees in Music and Theology, and completed an MA in Theology. Ministry and Mission from Durham. He has also previously undertaken research into the impact of the reformations on liturgical musical performance in the county of Devon.

Nick’s current research is funded by the St Mattias Trust, the St Luke’s College Foundation and the Diocese of Lincoln.

As well as continuing to study, Nick is Rector of the Parish of Louth in Lincolnshire and Rural Dean of Louthesk in the Diocese of Lincoln.

Research interests

  • Music and theology
  • Music in cathedrals