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PhD Research in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures  


From September 2010 until February 2015 I studied Psychology (BSc) in the University of Crete, Greece (9,24/10). My undergraduate dissertation attempted a critique of the Foucauldian theory of power focusing on the question of the subject. A few months later I started a MA in Social and Political Theory (Distinction) in University of Birmingham, UK which was completed with a dissertation on the ideas of Bernard Stiegler. From 2017 September I began my PhD research project under the supervision of Dr Gerald Moore. Before that I used to work as a psychosocial support aid worker in a Greek refugee camp. 

My current project is devoted to the investigation of an ecophilosophical understanding of addiction that draws from the work of Bernard Stiegler, Georges Canguilhem, Gilles Deleuze/Felix Guattari, and neuroscientific research on topics such as will, desire and visceral feelings. In parallel I'm interested in alternative treatments of addiction using the framework established by L.S Vygotsky and the projects that involve drama studies and applied theatre.


Conference Paper

  • (2019), Orgasms on Demand: The Automation of Desire in an Era of Acceleration, Measured Lives - Theoretical Psychology in an Era of Acceleration-18th biennial conference of International Society for Theoretical Psychology-. Danish School of Education, Tuborgvej 164, 2400 Copenhagen, Denmark
  • (2019), Fentanyl of the people: What the opioid epidemic can teach us about the suffering human body, ​The Fifth Annual Conference of the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics. Birmingham.
  • (2019), From Crisis to Transformation: Stanislavsky’s Pathway Towards a Dialectical Understanding of Human Psychology, “Crisis in Contexts” -South and Central Europe and Middle East of the International Society for Cultural-Historical and Activity Research (ISCAR). Ioannina, Greece.
  • (2018), Porn Addiction: A Psychosocial Pathology of Late Capitalism, Philosophy of Life- The Utopias of Politics, Anthropology and Biology. Durham, England.
  • Triliva, S., Kalisperati, M. & Kolokytha, E. (2014), Strengthening Community Health Capabilities: A Case-Study of One Volunteer Run Social Solidarity Clinic, Human Development in Times of Crisis. Athens, Greece, Human Development and Capability Association.