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Mr Nikolaos Souvlakis

PhD Student

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PhD Student in the Department of Theology and Religion  


Research Topic

The psychological effect of evil eye on individuals’ mental health, spirituality and the healing process.


My doctoral research is bringing together a multidisciplinary approach about evil eye and how people can be protected from it. It focuses on psychological effects of the belief of evil eye on peoples’ mental health and their journey to heal from it.

Therefore, the study also focuses on believers’, mental health professionals’ and clergy’ s accounts about the phenomenon trying to identify how they experience the phenomenon of evil eye and what are the factors that help them to maintain their mental health in relation to this phenomenon but also work appropriately with the religious beliefs. In addition, the study will shape a guideline with regard to the possession symptomatology. In other words, it attempts to form a manual of how mental disorders can be diagnosed based on religious constructs. It will also provide guidelines to clinicians with regard to individuals’ treatment needs. Finally, it will provide guidelines to Christians religious healers who are appointed to conduct exorcism related to evil eye manifestations.

Other Research Interests

Besides my current research project on evil eye, my research interests through my academic and professional career is on spiritual trauma and personality disorders but more specifically on psychopaths. I have developed a specific interest as psychotherapist on spiritual trauma as it is played out in the consulting room in addition to the forensic aspect of it.