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Miss Olivia Verity

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Member of the Durham Law School  



Olivia is studying towards a Master of Jurisprudence and is currently the Co-editor of Durham CELLS Obstetric Violence Blog. She completed her undergraduate degree in Law at Durham University and graduated with First Class Honours. Olivia was also awarded the John Steel QC Prize first place for her performance in Advanced issues in Public Law, as well as the Law and Gender Prize, supported by Lady Hale, for her undergraduate dissertation – which received the highest mark in the cohort. Outside of academia, Olivia spends her spare time reading and listening to music, and whilst some have questioned her sanity for it, she enjoys long distance running.

Member of Centre of Ethics and Law in Life Sciences, Durham.

Member of Gender and Law, Durham.

Current Research

Supervised by Dr Camilla Pickles and Dr Elizabeth Chloe Romanis, Olivia’s Mjur considers ‘Obstetric Violence as a Civil Battery: Exploring the Limitations of Tort Law in the Context of Unauthorised Vaginal Examinations’. This research examines whether the tort of battery offers an appropriate means of redressing unauthorised vaginal examinations during childbirth contextualised as a form of obstetric violence. The research utilises multidisciplinary perspectives and harnesses feminist critiques of tort law to expose and interrogate the deficiencies of the action for addressing this gross violation of women and birthing people’s rights during childbirth, and the wider multidimensionality of obstetric violence as a form of gender-based and structural violence. Her work therefore contributes to essential debates surrounding the role the law ought to play in the context of obstetric violence.