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PhD Research in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures  


As a PhD candidate in French Studies at Durham University (2017--), my research focuses on the area of contemporary French philosophy of digital technologies.

I graduated in philosophy, majoring in history of aesthetic theory at the Università degli studi di Salerno (2009 – 2012), working with Francesco Vitale at a thesis entitled “Il senso del tempo: Deleuze lettore di Kant” (The sense of Time: Deleuze reader of Kant).

I have obtained my MA with highest honours in Philosophy, majoring in languages and theories of the image in the same institution, working with Francesco Vitale and Giuseppina De Luca at a thesis titled “Disfare il rizoma: il sistema dell’Immagine-movimento tra ontologia ed estetica” (Undo the Rhizome: The Image-movement system between ontology and aesthetics).

The title of my PhD project is Stratoanalysis of the Digital.

Research Area

I'm interested in process philosophy, assemblage and complexity theory, and specialized in the philosophies of becoming of Gilles Deleuze and Henri Bergson.

The goal of my research is to clarify that the separation between natural and artificial domains is illusory and that it has been deleterious for both humans and the environment: to do so I am producing a holistic and multi-level description of the becomings that involve and relate life and digital technologies.

In this context, I am specifically interested in tracing cross-strata dynamics that can be found at different levels of emergence, and I focus on the nonlinear relations and processes that take place between complex systems of different scales and material bases. Structured through the notions of flows, patterns and strata, my work articulates Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari and Gilbert Simondon's models and philosophies, revolving around the notions of assemblage, emergence and individuation, and converging in the general framework of Digital Studies developed by Bernard Stiegler.

My work on these themes has recently converged with my interest in art in an ongoing collaboration with the BioCentric Design group (aka BioBabes), an international collective of feminist makers and biohackers working in the emerging field of BioDesign.

Research interests

  • Process Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Technology
  • Philosophy of Biology
  • Poststructuralism
  • Complexity Theory
  • BioDesign
  • Post-Marxist political theory
  • Philosophy of Cinema

Esteem Indicators

  • 2018-2019 Faculty of Arts and Humanities' Student Achievement Award: Exceptional Progress


Book review

  • D'Amato, Pierluca (2019). Shoshana Zuboff - The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power. The Marx and Philosophy Review of Books
  • D'Amato, Pierluca (2019). Gilbert Simondon - La résolution des problèmes. Phenomenological Reviews
  • D'Amato, Pierluca (2019). Guy Debord - Stratégie. The Marx and Philosophy Review of Books

Chapter in book

  • D'Amato, Pierluca (2020). Smithereens and the Economy of Attention: Are We All Dopamine Addicts? In Black Mirror and Philosophy. Irwin, William & Johnson, David Kyle Wiley-Blackwell.

Conference Paper

  • D'Amato, Pierluca (2019), Dissipating opacity: on Stratoanalysis as a model for complexity, 12th Deleuze & Guattari Studies conference. Royal Holloway, University of London.
  • D'Amato, Pierluca (2019), The Mole and the Snake: On Panopticism’s Digital Eversion, Literature and Surveillance in the Age of Globalization. Durham University.
  • D'Amato, Pierluca (2018), A Machinich Approach to the Technoliving Hybrid, Conference-Workshop, The Philosophy of Life, Utopias of Politics, Anthropology and Biology. Durham University, Institute of Advanced Study.
  • D'Amato, Pierluca (2018), Becoming-algorithmic and becoming-alive: On Technoliving Hybrids and cross-border processes, SEP-FEP Joint Annual Conference. University of Essex.
  • D'Amato, Pierluca (2018), The Individuation of the Dividual in the Age of Digital Objectiles, Culture & Technics: The Politics of Simondon's Du Mode. University of Kent, Centre for Critical Thought.

Device or Product

  • Arnardottir, T.H., Dias, J., Ros, A., Argyros, N., D’Amato, P., Arabyan, S. & Tayefi, L. (2018). BioVer: Animated Adornment. RESHAPE18 | Sensing Materialities.

Journal Article