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Catia Sofia Esteves da Silva

Research Postgraduate (PhD)

MSc in Marine Biology and Conservation

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Research Postgraduate (PhD) of Department of Biosciences  


Journal Article

  • Faria, A.M., Lopes, A.F., Silva, C.S.E., Novais, S.C., Lemos, M.F.L. & Gonçalves, E.J. (2018). Reproductive trade-offs in a temperate reef fish under high pCO2 levels. Marine Environmental Research 137: 8.
  • Silva, Cátia S.E., Lemos, Marco F.L., Faria, Ana M., Lopes, Ana F., Mendes, Susana, Gonçalves, Emanuel J. & Novais, Sara C. (2018). Sand smelt ability to cope and recover from ocean's elevated CO2 levels. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 154: 302.
  • Silva, Cátia S.E., Novais, Sara C., Simões, Tiago, Caramalho, Márcia, Gravato, Carlos, Rodrigues, Maria J., Maranhão, Paulo & Lemos, Marco F.L. (2018). Using biomarkers to address the impacts of pollution on limpets (Patella depressa) and their mechanisms to cope with stress. Ecological Indicators 95: 1077.
  • Nina, Paul, Sara, Novais, Cátia, Silva, Alexandre, Marques, Manuel, Seixas, Andreas, Kunzmann & Marco, Lemos (2016). Assessment of Temperature and Predation stress on the Goby (Gobius paganellus). Frontiers in Marine Science 3.
  • Tonn, Nina, Novais, Sara C., Silva, Cátia S. E., Morais, Hugo A., Correia, João P. S. & Lemos, Marco F. L. (2016). Stress responses of the sea cucumber Holothuria forskali during aquaculture handling and transportation. Marine Biology Research 12(9): 948.
  • Silva, Cátia S.E., Novais, Sara C., Lemos, Marco F.L., Mendes, Susana, Oliveira, Ana P., Gonçalves, Emanuel J. & Faria, Ana M. (2016). Effects of ocean acidification on the swimming ability, development and biochemical responses of sand smelt larvae. Science of The Total Environment 563-564: 89.
  • Cátia, Silva, Marco, Lemos, Ana, Lopes, Mareen, Prasuhn, Manuel, Seixas, Alexandre, Marques, Ana, Faria, Emanuel, Gonçalves & Sara, Novais (2016). Sand smelt ability to cope and recover from CO2-induced ocean acidification stress during early stages assessed through development and biochemical responses. Frontiers in Marine Science 3.
  • Silva, Cátia SE, Novais, Sara C, Gravato, Carlos, Simões, Tiago, Caramalho, Márcia, Neves, Janete, Tecelão, Carla, Rodrigues, Maria J, Maranhão, Paulo & Lemos, Marco FL (2013). An in situ assessment of key biomarkers in limpets exposed to sewage pollution. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 24: S74.