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Miss Sophie Page


AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
PhD in the Department of Earth SciencesOpen Plan Area 


2018 - present: PhD, Durham University (moved to continue)

2017 - 2018: PhD, Imperial College London

2013 - 2017: MGeol Geology, University of Leicester

PhD Research

Determining the controls on transition metal stable isotope fractionation in mantle minerals

Debate currently rages as to the prevailing oxygen fugacity (fO2) conditions in the Earth’s interior. fO2 plays a key role in many geological processes, such as elemental transfer of multi-valent elements, the formation of economically viable mineral deposits and the secular history of the rise of atmospheric oxygen. However, fO2 is hard to determine directly. This project employs the relatively new approach of stable isotope fractionation of multi-valent transition metals (chiefly V) using MC-ICP MS and both mineral separates and bulk samples from mantle xenoliths. Prior to investigating fO2, the competing effects of coordination environment and fO2 need to be assessed. This will be undertaken by determining Zn stable isotope fractionation within the same samples as V since Zn only has one valence state so is not sensitive to fO2 variation, whereas V has five.