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Mr Thomas Lennie

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Member of the Department of Music  


Thomas Magnus Lennie @lennie_tm is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Music, Durham University, supervised by Prof. Tuomas Eerola and Prof. Martin Clayton. He is funded by the Northern Bridge Doctoral Training Programme to study cross-cultural perceptions of musical emotions. His research applies existing theories about the perception of musical emotions to communities outside Western culture, illuminating to what extent music is a ‘universal’ language of emotions. His research contributes to the debates regarding the origins of music and language and to research more broadly in the field of emotion science.

He is particularly interested in combining new digital methodologies with fieldwork to collect data and is currently collaborating on several papers with Dr Tim Metcalf and Dr. Julian Cespedes-Guevara.

Thomas is an active member of the Music & Science Lab at Durham University, a collaborative and interdisciplinary research community, and is an avid collector of world music. He previously studied BA Music at Plymouth University 2011 and MA Psychology of Music 2017 at Sheffield University where he worked for ‘Global Soundtracks’ world music concert.

Research interests

  • Music and emotion
  • Music cognition
  • World music