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Mr Timothy Armitage


2017 - Present

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
PhD in the Department of Earth SciencesOpen Plan Area 



2017 - Present: PhD student at Durham University

2014 - 2015: International year studying Geology at the University of British Columbia (UBC)

2012 - 2016: MESci (Int.) Geology. First class honours at Cardiff University with exchange program

PhD Research

The Geological relationship between thrusting and strike-slip faulting in the Shetland Isle

Shetland occupies a unique central location within the North Atlantic Caledonides owing to its pre-Mesozoic proximity to the east Greenland, Scottish and Norwegian sectors of the Caledonian belt. Despite this location Shetland remains poorly understood, as relatively few modern, systematic geochronological studies have been carried out in conjunction with detailed structural and metamorphic mapping. I aim to constrain the relative movement and absolute timings on two faults in Shetland and determine whether the regional deformation events observed in Shetland are comparable to those seen in Scotland, Norway and Greenland. The findings of this research will lead to an improved understanding of Neoproterozoic-Palaeozoic plate interactions of Laurentia and Baltica in the North Atlantic region and the influence of these events on fault patterns in Shetland.