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Mr Tobias Roylands

Research Postgraduate (PhD)

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Research Postgraduate (PhD) in the Department of GeographyS105 
Research Postgraduate (PhD) , Catchments and RiversS105 
Research Postgraduate (PhD) , Hazards and Surface ChangeS105 


I am a PhD student on the ROC-CO2 project ( My research focuses on understanding the kinetics of CO2 emissions that derive from weathering of sedimentary rocks - from either the oxidation of fossil organic matter or the dissolution of carbonates, which in turn can be driven by sulphuric acid (from oxidative pyrite dissolution) or carbonic acid (from meteoric waters). Key questions are related to the rock composition and to the response to changes in temperature and precipitation. For this, I directly measure rock-derived CO2 fluxes in the field (field sites in France and New Zealand) and investigate their carbon isotope composition (stable and radioactive) to trace the sources of CO2.

Before joining the ROC-CO2 project at the beginning of 2018, I completed my MSc degree in Geosciences at the University of Kiel, Germany. In my master’s thesis, a variety of organic-geochemical techniques was used to assess environmental gradients and their control on microbial community structures and metabolisms in Canadian lakes.


Conference Paper

  • Georgiadis, E., Roylands, T., McClymont, E., Christgen, B., Gray, N., Soulet, G., Le Bouteiller, C. & Hilton, R.G. (2021), Carbon Fluxes in the Weathering Zone: Investigating the Role of Microbial Communities, AGU Fall Meeting. New Orleans, USA, EP15C-1351.
  • Roylands, T., Soulet, G., Garnett, M.H. & Hilton, R.G. (2021), Environmental controls on rock-derived carbon dioxide emissions, Goldschmidt Conference. Lyon, France, 4638.
  • Zondervan, J.R., Hilton, R.G., Dellinger, M., Clubb, F.J., Roylands, T. & Ogrič, M. (2021), A Global Model of Rock Organic Carbon Weathering and CO2 Emission, AGU Fall Meeting. New Orleans, USA, EP15C-1346.
  • Hilton, R.G., Soulet, G., Garnett, M.H., Croissant, T., Klotz, S., Roylands, T. & Le Bouteiller, C. (2019), Temperature and hydrological controls on carbon dioxide release from weathering of sedimentary rocks, AGU Fall Meeting. San Francisco, USA, EP33C-2348.
  • Roylands, T., Hilton, R.G., Garnett, M.H., Soulet, G., Newton, J.A. & Ogrič, M. (2019), Investigating carbon dioxide emissions from oxidative weathering of sedimentary organic matter, Goldschmidt Conference. Barcelona, Spain, 2896.

Journal Article

Newspaper/Magazine Article

  • Roylands, T. (2018). Rock-derived CO2 Emissions. NERC Radiocarbon Facility Blog