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Mr Tristan Lake

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Member of the Department of Archaeology  
Member of the Centre for Visual Arts and Culture  


Academic and Professional Biography

In 2014 I graduated from the University in Reading with a Masters of Research in Archaeology having also completed my undergraduate degree (BA) there in 2013. In 2015 I was awarded a Durham Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarship by the Centre of Visual Arts and Culture based at the University of Durham. This interdisciplinary programme benefits our own projects by bringing together researchers from a variety of fields, provoking cross-departmental discussion and appreciation of our own subjects and shared themes under the umbrella of visual culture

Research Topic

Fleshing out the body - Nakedness in Early Medieval Northern Europe Visual Culture (400-1100A.D).


Nakedness and the exposed body rendered visually within Anglo -Saxon England (5th-11th centuries) has remained an understudied resource. My thesis primarily seeks to compile all available examples of the naked body and depictions of exposed flesh in Anglo-Saxon visual culture. I will then analyse the images present within the corpus with the aim of better understanding why they were produced and the affective response they produced in those who perceived them. Alongside the discussion of naked iconography, alternative sources of evidence pertaining to the body will be considered such as clothing/dress accessories in both art and archaeology, written documents and the treatment of the body in mortuary contexts. In turn, this interdisciplinary approach will ideally move our understanding of nudity beyond the two dimensional, providing an understanding of the lived subjective experience of the naked body within its relevant temporal and spatial contexts.


2015: Durham Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarship award in Visual Culture

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