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Xianan Hu

Research Student

Research Student in the School of Education


Miss Xianan is a PhD candidate who started her study from January 2018 and is fully-funded by China Scholarship Council from the second year of her study.

Miss Xianan obtained her MA in Higher Education from China University of Petroleum (Beijing) in June 2014. After that, she entered into Qingdao University working as a teacher of English for three and a half years, during which she was engaged in a part-time job as an IETLS teacher as well. She participated in several Youth Fund research projects, including the design of financial system of credit bank in China hosted by Tsing Hua University, the study of academic participation and its influence mechanism of full-time professional degree supported by the Ministry of Education in China, and the construction of international faculty held by China University of Petroleum (Beijing).

Her PhD’s thesis aims to study the differences in regard to academic performance, career aspirations and destination of Chinese students who attend postgraduate taught programs in the UK and their counterparts in China. In the thesis, a survey has been undertaken at UK and Chinese universities in order to present a profile of Chinese students’ employment situations. Through adopting probit models, linear regression techniques, binary logistic and multiple logistic regression models, it analyses the relationships between different variables and makes a cross-sectional comparison between the two groups in terms of the relationships between family background, individual social capital, and their employment, striving to provide a pattern of talent flow in regard to Chinese students who study aboard or at home, and simultaneously, make some policy suggestions on the improvement of employment, educational and immigration policies to Chinese and the UK governments, universities and related institutions basing on the empirical findings.

Research interests

  • Equality and effectiveness in Lifelong Education
  • Higher education

Esteem Indicators

  • 2000: 2019: Presenter: Hu, X. (2019) Higher Education Aspirations and Outcomes: A Comparative Study of Postgraduate Students Seeking Degrees in the UK or in China. Chinese Educational Research Association (CERA)-UK Annual Conference 2019.

    2018: Scholarship awarded by China Scholarship Council for the PhD studies.

    2013: National Scholarship awarded by the Ministry of Education of China.