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The University’s Energy and Sustainability Team works within the Estates and Facilities Directorate and is responsible for delivering the Greenspace Movement, key environmental policies and strategies, with the support from the ESSPG and its members, working groups, the Environment Champions and Student Reps, and other members of the University.

The Director of Estates and Facilities, David Loudon, is a University Executive Committee (UEC) member and represents the Energy and Sustainability Team.

The Energy and Sustainability Team is composed of eight full-time members.



Senior Energy Manager Tom Bray
Sustainability Manager (Energy and Infrastructure) Michael Corner
Sustainability Manager (Energy and Infrastructure) Michael Harkness
Sustainability Manager (Travel and Biodiversity) Yvonne Flynn
Sustainability Manager (Waste and Environmental Compliance) Darren Hatfield
Sustainability Coordinator (Staff) Jon-Paul Dunne
Sustainability Coordinator (Wider Student Experience) Sally Hughes

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