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Research and Impact

Highlighting key research led by female faculty from across the School.

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High Frequency Trading and Liquidity Crisis

“Liquidity Crashes” - toward more resilient electronic markets. The FinTech revolution means changes to the way financial markets perform.

The impact of ethical leaders on today's workforce

Does having an ethical boss encourage us to challenge the status quo? Professors Olga Epitropaki and Les Graham investigate.
The impact of ethical leaders on today's workforce

Reshaping the role of HR

Why the human resources function needs a rethink in the face of major new challenges. It needs to shift from being transactional to transformational.
Abstract photo of HR connectivity

The new reality for many is working from home

Managing the wellbeing of a remote workforce. Has home working become the ‘norm’ for many professionals?

Coping with Covid: the extra challenges faced by UK migrants

As Covid-19 secured its grip on the UK our government and social bodies acted to put a number of schemes and measures in place.

Exposing the stigma around social housing

For those living in social housing, the extreme stigmatisation of estates has had an impact on everything from employment to healthcare.
Exposing the stigma around social housing

Is speech really free?

It is easy to feel a sense of injustice where our conversations, as a form of data, provoke reactions, and enable the monetisation of social media.

Neurodiversity at work benefits everyone

Change perceptions and highlight the benefits that hiring people with different ways of thinking can bring.

Protecting the 'forgotten' workforce

Workers in precarious employment, including zero-hours contracts (ZHCs), have had a much more worrying and uncertain time than most.

Don't 'COP-out' on sustainability reporting

How do you ensure that sustainability is intrinsic to the financial reporting process? Professor Carol Adams explores issues around sustainability.
An inclusive, diverse and equal place to learn

Influencing change: complexity of social media activism

Social media is a powerful tool for inciting positive change - but it can also lead to disingenuous or even harmful outcomes.
Influencing change: the complexity of social media activism

More sustainable pensions call for transparent investments

Some pension fund investments are better than others. Dr Anna Tilba explores how to be money-savvy about retirement savings.
More sustainable pensions call for transparent investments

The cost of keeping up with fashion

What can producers, retailers, consumers and policymakers do to combat overconsumption in the fashion market? Dr Helen Goworek explores our options.
The cost of keeping up with fashion

How necessity has made our communities more resilient and sustainable

Dr Farzana Chowdhury considers how the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated sustainable development through inclusion and equality.

Sustainability through transparency

The SDG Disclosure Recommendations aim to create value both for organisations and society.