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Our People

A group of business people around a desk with papers


Jinrui Pan (Co-Director)
Assistant Professor in Economics

Jinrui is interested in laboratory experiments and behavioural theory to understand how people make decisions, individually or in groups. Personal Website

Jason Shachat (Co-Director)
Professor in Experimental Economics

Jason researches in the areas of experimental economics, behavioural game theory, behavioural operations management, asset markets, and auctions. Personal Website

Academic Staff 

Aleksei Chernulich
Assistant Professor of Economics

Morten Lau
Professor of Behavioural Finance

Morten uses a combination of lab and field experiments to study decision making over time delay and choice under uncertainty. His work is based on structural econometric estimation of risk and time preferences and provides insights to individual saving and investment decision. Personal Website

Diego Marino Fages 
Assistant Professor of Economics

Michael Naef
Professor of Economics

Michael works in experimental economics using weird and wonderful substances (testosterone, estrogen, sulpiride) to see what happens. 

Andis Sofianos
Associate Professor of Economics

Andis’s research interests are within the broad field of Experimental Economics where he studies the impact of individual characteristics, like personality traits and intelligence on strategic interactions. His current work is focused on cooperation, belief updating and cryptocurrency pricing. Personal Website

Members from other departments 

Ulrik Beierholm
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Ulrik is interested in how the nervous system deals with uncertainty, whether in perception, decision making or learning. Personal Website

Patrick M. Kuhn
Associate Professor in Comparative Politics, School of Government and International Affairs (SGIA)

Patrick is interested in the relationship between democratic institutions, economic development, and political violence. Personal Website

Nick Vivyan
Professor in Politics, School of Government and International Affairs (SGIA)

Nick is interested in public opinion, representation and accountability, with a particular (though by no means exclusive) focus on British politics. Personal Website

PhD students 


  • Angel Li
  • Artem Nesterov
  • Hongming Zhao
  • Yipin Zhao


  • Lukman Hakim [thesis]
  • Katy Tabero, now Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Southampton
  • Matthew Walker [thesis], now Lecturer in Economics at Newcastle University
  • Qinjuan Wan [thesis], now Assistant Professor at Central China Normal University
  • Sijia Wei [thesis], now Data Consultant at The Information Lab, London