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Hatfield College is a vibrant and welcoming community to which each and every student, alongside other college members, belongs, reflecting our ethos and recent joint declaration #AllOneHatfield. Established in 1846, as the second college of Durham University, with the explicit purpose of being open to a wide range of students, we greatly value the rich diversity of our college members, who come from all sorts of backgrounds and places of origin, with all sorts of interests, experiences and views. We strive to ensure that all Hatfielders have the opportunities and encouragement to be the best they can be, reflecting the words of our motto, Vel Primus Vel Cum Primis. Hatfield is a very strong and supportive community; members of Hatfield look out for and care for each other. We combine pride in our historical roots and traditions, with a thoroughly contemporary outlook, gaining strength from our long-established community whilst constantly evolving to meet new challenges.

Whether students spend one, three, four or more years at the College, Hatfield provides a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable environment. Members of Hatfield carry the Hatfield spirit of participation and supportive community out into life and careers beyond. College members proudly proclaim once a Hatfielder always a Hatfielder, reflecting the tremendous warmth and loyalty the experience of belonging to Hatfield promotes.

Professor Ann MacLarnon
Master of Hatfield College

Professor Ann MacLarnon