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Alumni and Friends

Year on year, Hatfield graduates go out into the wider world and join the network of Hatfield alumni across the globe.

We believe in College that once you join the Hatfield College Community, you are a member of it for life: Once a Hatfielder, always a Hatfielder.
Hatfield Association
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Through the work of the Hatfield Association and the Hatfield Trust, Hatfielders keep their ties with College, whether through reading Hatfield news via our newsletter or the Hatfield Record, giving back to College via the Hatfield Trust or supporting current students as panellists or with internship opportunities in our Hatfield Horizons programmes.

Keeping in touch with Hatfield has never been easier and we would be delighted to hear from you via social media, email or in-person in College.

Hatfield Association

The Hatfield Association is a community of thousands of Hatfielders, both past and present. Membership is open to all current and former students of Hatfield College, Durham University.

Our Aim

Our aim is to ensure we have a strong, active and engaged network of Hatfield alumni (graduates), to facilitate and build strong relationships with the College and to support its educational and welfare aims.

To this end, the Hatfield Association plays an active role in:

  • organising annual reunions
  • helping to connect members through regular updates and publications
  • offering career advice for students
  • supporting the outreach programme for schools; and
  • playing an active role in all three common rooms supporting College development

Our Membership

Our membership consists of thousands of Hatfield graduates, but we are always keen to connect with more!

If you would like to read the latest version of our annual publication, the Hatfield Record, to receive updates about our work and invitations to events, then please register for access to the Hatfield Association website.

Get in touch

Contact us by phone or email below to find out more about accommodation, admissions and student support.