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We know this is a busy time for you and that you are excited as you prepare to come to Hatfield College. Even so, it is important that you complete the following tasks before coming to Hatfield.

Katie Stobbs
Assistant Master

Pre-Arrivals Task - Part One

Hatfield College Key Information Form

This form requires you to submit key information related to:

  • Accommodation preferences

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Emergency contact information

  • Bank letter requests

  • Accessible parking permits

  • College families - peer support network

  • Hatfield First Generation Scholars' Network

You have 7 days from receipt of your College confirmation letter to submit your Key Information Form.

If you received your College confirmation letter on 20 August 2021, the deadline for submission is 09.00 BST on 27 August 2021.

If you received your College confirmation letter on 23/24 August 2021, the deadline for submission is 09.00 BST on 31 August 2021.

If you received your College confirmation letter on 31 August 2021, the deadline for submission is 09.00 BST on 7 September 2021.

After that time we will not be able to accept late submissions or take into account your accommodation preference if you choose to live in College.

Online Accommodation Agreement Form

You will receive your online Accommodation Agreement by email. When you receive the Particulars of Offer, complete and 'sign' the Agreement if you wish to live in College. You will not be able to move into your accommodation in College without first having signed the Agreement. (If you have not yet received your Particulars of Offer, complete the remaining tasks below ... but remember to come back to this task when you receive the Particulars of Offer). No signed agreement - no accommodation!

If you not NOT wish to live in College accommodation, please contact Brenda Mitchell in Hatfield Admissions by 09.00 BST on 27 August 2021.

Student Levies Selection and Payment

Please read about student levies and make the appropriate selections (with payment if necessary). The Hatfield Trust provides bursaries which cover some of those levies for students from lower-income households.   ALL students are asked to select the appropriate items as they wish on the options tab, according to whether they believe they are eligible for a bursary or not.  When the University reviews notifications of household incomes, the College will confirm eligibility for a bursary.  Corrective payments and refunds become due then.

Consent Matters Online Training

Consent Matters Oracle Learning Banner


Durham University recognises the significant impact of all experiences of sexual misconduct or violence and is committed to promoting a culture in which sexual violence is not tolerated and will be addressed. To achieve this, all members of our University have a responsibility for upholding the principles of dignity and respect. Before the conclusion of Induction Week, all new students are therefore expected to complete the online course, 'Consent Matters; Boundaries, Respect and Positive Intervention', which is available on Oracle Learning before participation in College-based clubs, societies or committees and the wider student experience. Access to Oracle Learning will be available to you upon completion of your University registration.

During Welcome and Orientation Week, we will require you to confirm that you have, or will, complete this course. Questions about the course should be directed to the Student Support Office who will be happy to discuss the course with you.

We hope that all students will find the course interesting and commit to maintaining our valued culture of respect at Durham University.

The University's Sexual Misconduct and Violence Policy and Procedure can be found here

Medical Registration Form

All new students can register with the Claypath and University Medical Group before arrival via a quick and easy to complete online form. The form uses drop down lists for student accommodation with the Colleges or private providers; if you have other accommodation please enter your address in Durham. The form also asks whether you have an NHS number or not, and you will only have a number if you have previously registered with a doctor in the UK, but you can still complete this online registration if you are an overseas student and don’t already have an NHS number.

Registering early ensures that your new medical practice knows about you before you arrive, can set you up on their systems and be aware of any current medical issues. It also means that any UK NHS notes get transferred early to the practice so they have a full knowledge of your medical history, will be able to take over the prescribing of any medication and understand any further immunisations you might need.

Overseas Meet and Greet Service

For OVERSEAS STUDENTS ONLY. The International Office organises a coach transfer service as part of their 'Meet and Greet Service'. International students will need to book online to register for this service. If you have queries regarding visa applications, requirements or PBS checking, these should be directed to the International Office.

Verification of Identity

Before you can collect your campus card, we need sight of proof of your identity.  Please bring with you to Durham one of the following as proof of identity:

  • current Passport
  • current UK Driving Licence
  • current European Identity Card.

If you are a UK student and you do not have either of these forms of identification, you may bring instead your original Birth Certificate.

Information on the verification process will be communicated to you in due course.

Environmental Sustainability 

At Durham University we’re developing new ways of thinking, shaping a better future for people and planet… but we can’t do it alone. Together we can make an impact.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and improving the local environment. Greenspace was created in 2010 to bring together all of Durham University’s environmental plans, policies and procedures. It has been an incredible journey: from first launching the Green Move Out in 2005 and establishing the first Carbon Management Plan, to more recently achieving the Platinum Eco Campus award in 2020. We’ve pulled all the key information on living sustainably at Durham University ranging from how to recycle to how we’re tackling climate change, find out more over on our Sway. Let’s start the Greenspace Movement!

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Please check that you have completed all the tasks above. The deadline for submitting your Hatfield Key Information Form is 7 days after receipt of your College confirmation letter. After that time we will not be able to accept late submissions or take into account your accommodation preferences.

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Need help?

If you have any questions about any of the information, or any aspect of coming to Durham, please get in touch with us.

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