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Welcome from the Senior Man

Dominic Cornfield, Hatfield Senior ManI am pleased to welcome you to Hatfield! My name is Dom Cornfield, Hatfield’s Senior Man, which is the same position as JCR President in other colleges (by convention and tradition it’s called the “Senior Man” at Hatfield). I have just graduated with a degree in Chinese Studies here at Durham and have taken this role on as a Sabbatical position for a year – it’s a nice excuse to spend some more time at Hatfield! When I’m not: standing on a chair being drowned out by the noise of spoons; coordinating the executive committee; or representing the JCR at meetings, you can find me: chilling in the Hatfield Café; or usually on one of Durham’s dancefloors. 

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on getting into Durham University – it’s been an unusual time for us all, but you’ve worked hard to be here, and I hope you get all you want out of your university experience, and more. As you will soon learn, Durham is a special place which is made unique by its collegiate system. The JCR (Junior Common Room) is the body of undergraduate students at Hatfield. Within this, elected representatives will often run social events and activities, as well as providing welfare services, and an avenue for voicing student concerns about college affairs. It is essentially a smaller-scale Student’s Union for undergraduate students in our college, and creates a sense of community through events, sports, societies, volunteering, outreach, democratic processes, debate, and opportunities to take on an array of roles on various committees that form part of the JCR infrastructure. It is also part of the governance of the College and helps to maintain many of the facilities around college (JCR Common Room, Gyms, Bar, etc.). One of the most popular parts of being in the JCR is joining some of the many sports clubs and societies that are a part of the JCR. We are lucky to have the opportunity to participate in a club/society at almost any level of commitment, experience, or skill! From rugby to rounders, cheerleading to singing, pool to ping pong, there really is something for everyone to get involved with. We encourage everyone to try something new, you never know you could end up loving it! However, if the activity you were looking for isn’t on offer, as a JCR member, you can set up your own club/society with help from the JCR. There are also many JCR-run events, such as Hatfield Day, Lion in Winter Ball, Michaelmas Ball, and smaller events such as a Eurovision watch party in the Burt Room, quiz nights and open mic events. The JCR is run by the elected JCR Executive Committee which consists of the following student roles in addition to my employed role: Vice-President (Discipline), Welfare Officer, Treasurer, Charity Framework Officer, Facilities Officer, Communities Officer, Sports and Societies Officer, Events Officer, Secretary and Chair. Whilst we all have our individual roles, the main job of the Exec is to represent the views of the JCR at College and University level and coordinate the activity of the JCR. As with most things in life, JCR membership comes with a price tag – a one-off levy of £240, but it is definitely worth the money! As a JCR member, we think you will soon agree that you are part of a buzzing community, engaging in various opportunities and roles, as well as having some unforgettable experiences. 

I hope you all stay safe enjoying the rest of your summer and I look forward to meeting you in October. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 

Best wishes,

Welcome from your Senior Freshers' Reps

Jess Clark - Hatfield Senior Frep

First things first, a huge congratulations to all of you incoming Hatfielders-to-be. Getting into Durham is a huge achievement and Hatfield is so excited to have you joining our College community!  

Now, let Hamza Shawwa - Hatfield Senior Frepus introduce ourselves: we are Jess Clark and Hamza Shawwa, your Senior Freshers Representatives (or Freps for short) for this year. Over the coming weeks you will start to hear a lot from us as our number one priority is to help you guys settle into your new home. Since the beginning of June, we have been working hard to plan the best Induction Week possible to give you the best start to life at Hatfield and Durham.

Induction Week is a chance for you to settle into our community, meet new people, and discover all the opportunities available to you in both Hatfield and Durham. It is also the perfect chance to become accustomed to some quirky traditions and meet the wonderful Frep team (students in second, third and fourth years), who will likely become good friends as your time at Hatfield progresses.  

Starting University is an exciting time, but it can also come with challenges and worries. If there is anything we can do to make your time easier, please do not hesitate to drop us an email or speak to any of your Freps. We are all here to help. You can ask us questions through the official Hatfield Freshers’ Facebook page, Hatfield Freshers’ Instagram (@hatfieldfreshers), or email us at Again, no concern, question or worry is too big or small so please do let us know if we can help in any way.

Frep love,

Jess and Hamza

Jess Clark and Hamza Shawwa, Hatfield's Senior Freshers Reps

University student
If there was one piece of advice that I wish someone had told me before I started at Durham, it would be to try loads of clubs or societies. Hatfield truly does have something for everyone! Having never done any rowing before, I joined the Boat Club as a cox and was competing in my first race by the end of the first term! It's never too late to try something new and it's easy to get involved at any point throughout the year, even if you don't sign up in Induction Week.

Holly Bolger
Year 3 International Relations and Sociology

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