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Van Mildert is delighted to have its development plan underway with the renovation of its iconic lakeside library.

Van Mildert College is pleased to have its 2022-25 development plan underway with the renovation of the Arnold Bradshaw Library. The Bradshaw Library is a much-loved space within the College, heavily utilised by students throughout the year, especially in exam season.

The renovation has been funded through the efforts of the Van Mildert Trust and Alumni donors. We wish to say a massive thank you to those involved. The library not only has double the study space but is now home to a collection of general interest books that will help students to broaden their intellectual horizons and develop lively enquiring minds.

Due to the College having more study spaces, it is hoped that the footfall in the main College building will increase, bringing with it an improved sense of community. This, in turn, will improve the mental well-being of our students, as they will spend less time studying in their bedrooms and instead make use of a co-operative learning space.

The renovated library is not the end but rather the start of Van Mildert's 2022-25 development plan. The Ann Dobson Hall, the Turner Room and the Boat House are but a few of the iconic Mildert spaces that the College plans to revive before its 60th birthday in 2025.

The library is in its final stages of transformation, but what is sure is that it has undergone a vast transformation. Stay tuned for a photo of the result.


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