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Housing Hub

Finding a house can be a busy and stressful time, but the process shouldn’t leave you feeling unduly pressured.

There’s enough student housing in Durham to meet demand so you don’t need to rush in before you’ve settled in. We’ve advice on the housing situation in Durham, tips on house hunting, and links to other useful services below. But we know that accommodation affordability will be an issue for many students, and so below you’ll also find links to the University’s Cost of Living Hub and financial support resources.
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What to know when looking for student housing

  • There’s enough student housing. There has been enough accommodation in the city for everyone who wanted it this year, and our analysis suggests that there will be enough housing in Durham to meet demand for 2024/25. Housing supply is remaining roughly the same for 2024/25, and there will be fewer students overall at the University. See here for more information on the analysis.
  • You do not need to queue at letting agents outside normal office hours to secure accommodation. 
  • Get your bearings before finding your student house. Being a bit flexible over location can help you find the house you want, at the size you need, and at a price you can afford.  
  • A good agent or landlord will give you time to sign a contract.

Remember, don't rush in before you settle in. 

The University will provide support and guidance to all of our students in finding accommodation for next academic year. 

Student Lettings Code of Practice

The University is working with letting agents and landlords in the local area to ensure students' needs are being put first in the letting process. A voluntary Student Lettings Code of Practice has been put in place to support this - to find out more and see a list of letting agents and housing providers who have signed the Code of Practice, see here.


Helpful Resources

Follow the links below to find key information, advice and support for finding the right student accommodation for you.

Househunting Tips

Helpful tips on how to start looking for accommodation and what to look out for in the househunting process.

Housing support from Durham SU

Helpful guidance from Durham Students' Union on searching for the right home, including contract checking.
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Durham SU Find A Housemate Facebook Group

Looking for people to live with or have a spare room to offer in your student house? Check this Facebook group from Durham Students' Union.
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Student Money Advice Weekly Drop-In

Drop in to discuss any financial concerns you may have regarding accommodation and get advice from our Student Money Adviser.
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Cost of Living Hub

Find advice, support and guidance on everything from managing your money to how to seek additional support if you need it.
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Student Support Hub

Explore a variety of resources for managing your health and wellbeing, including financial advice, mental health support and disability support.
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