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The Student Wellbeing & Chaplaincy Office

Our office is made up of several student facing roles including, chaplaincy and faith, and student wellbeing, as well as newly appointed staff covering areas of student money advice and student occupational health.

The work within the office provides students, and staff in some cases, pro-active wellbeing, support, advice and guidance. The office has spent time developing specialist training for students and staff in student support roles, offer sexual health services in the form of roadshows within colleges. The work done within Chaplaincy and Faith provides students and staff with unique services and leads the University in a number of annual remembrance events.
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Meet our team

Mandy Marlow: Head of the Student Wellbeing & Chaplaincy Office

Gavin Wort: Lead Chaplain

Louise Burnip: Student Money Adviser

Matthew Walker: DCC Public Health Advanced Practitioner 

Michelle King: Student Occupational Health Adviser

Lucy Harding: Wellbeing Coordinator