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XRDur members are drawn from many Departments across the science faculty.

The centre's activities are led by Peter Hatton (Physics), John Evans (Chemistry) and Claire Horwell (Earth Sciences).  

Details of individual research interests can be found through the relevant Departmental web pages.

Name Department
Dr. Del Atkinson Physics
Dr. Charles Augarde Engineering
Prof. Ian Bailiff Archaeology
Dr. A. Batsanov Chemistry
Prof. Stewart Clark Physics
Dr. Sharon J. Cooper Chemistry
Mr. Frank Davies Geography
Dr. Nicola De Paola Earth Sciences
Dr. Ivana R. Evans Chemistry
Prof. John S.O. Evans Chemistry
Dr. Nikitas Gidopoulos Physics
Dr. Martin Goldberg Biosciences
Dr. Chris Greenwell Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Dr. Douglas Halliday Physics
Prof. Damian Hampshire Physics
Prof. Peter Hatton Phyiscs
Dr. Qing He Physics
Dr. Aidan Hindmarch Phyiscs
Dr. Paul Hodgkinson Chemistry
Dr. Claire Horwell Earth Sciences
Dr. Michael Hunt Physics
Dr. Stuart Jones Earth Sciences
Dr. Tom Lancaster Physics
Prof. Colin Macpherson Earth Sciences
Dr. Budhika Mendis Physics
Prof. Andy Monkman Physics
Dr. Ehmke Pohl Biosciences
Dr. Gary Sharples Biosciences
Prof. Jonathan W. Steed Chemistry
Prof. Brian Tanner Physics
Dr. Ian Terry Physics
Prof. David J. Tozer Chemistry
Prof. A. Walmsley Biosciences
Dr. D.S. Yufit Chemistry