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We are celebrating the news that Emeritus Professor Peter Tymms, from our School of Education has been elected as a new Fellow of The British Academy.

Shaping learning

Professor Tymms’s election as a Fellow of The British Academy recognises his internationally distinguished contributions to the application of statistical modelling in understanding how schools shape children’s learning.

Peter taught in a wide variety of schools from Central Africa to the north-east of England before starting his career in academia.

His research interests include monitoring, assessment and performance indicators and he has worked with policy makers and teachers.

Through the PIPS project he worked to design tools to monitor the affective and cognitive progress of children through primary school, starting with a computer-adaptive on-entry baseline assessment. This work is now being expanded internationally through the iPIPs project.


What is The British Academy?

Each year, The British Academy elects up to 52 new UK-based scholars to its fellowship who have achieved distinction in any branch of the humanities and social sciences.

The British Academy, which was founded in 1902, is the UK’s national academy for the humanities and social sciences. It is an independent fellowship of over 1400 of world-leading scholars and researchers from both the UK and overseas.


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