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European Geosciences Union award Dr Fabian Wadsworth

Dr Fabian Wadsworth, associate professor in our Department of Earth Sciences has been named in the European Geoscience Union’s 2022 Arne Richter Awards for Outstanding Early Career Scientists.

This prestigious award marks the excellence of our revolutionary researchers and has been awarded to Dr Wadsworth in recognition of his outstanding scientific achievements.

Extraordinary research of magma  

Dr Wadsworth’s research is focused on the study of molten rock that is under the surface of the earth.

He uses a combination of laboratory experiments and mathematical modelling to conduct his research on volcanic eruptions.

To understand whether volcanic eruption will be vigorously explosive or more gently effusive, Dr Wadsworth also conducts regular fieldwork at active or long-extinct volcano sites.

On receiving this award, Dr Wadsworth said: “I’m honoured, grateful, and humbled by the Arne Richter Award from the European Geosciences Union (EGU). Every year, EGU selects Early Career Scientists from any discipline in the geosciences to receive this award.

As an enthusiastic collaborator, I cannot receive an individual award without acknowledging the immeasurable debt I owe to my many mentors, collaborators, and students for their continued support of our shared work.”

We are committed to support our scientists

Our Earth Sciences department supports early career researchers by a number of means including providing our new academic staff with low load on teaching responsibilities to build up their research profiles.

We have a departmental mentoring scheme that supports our academics throughout their careers. Where possible, we give them priority in funding applications, recognising the strategic advantage of having a strong cohort of early career staff.

Our progression and promotion process aims to identify areas where they will benefit from further training and support. 

Professor Mark Allen, Head of Department of Earth Sciences applauded this success and said: “We are delighted by Fabian Wadsworth’s EGU success, and see it as just reward for his dynamism and success to date.”

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