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Lumiere 2021 – In conversation with Kayo Chingonyi

For this year’s biennial Lumiere light festival we brought together the producers, Artichoke, and regional writing development agency New Writing North, on an exciting collaboration that will see new works from some of the UK’s leading poets light up Durham Castle. Among them is prize winning writer Kayo Chingonyi, an Assistant Professor in our Department of English Studies. Here Kayo tells us about his involvement and how poetry has been a central part of his life.
Image of Kayo Chingonyi

Scientists’ model suggests alien encounters are on the horizon

A team of scientists say that ‘grabby aliens’ are needed to explain why we humans have appeared so soon after the big bang, and that our descendants would encounter them in roughly a billion years’ time.
Grabby aliens model

Pioneering simulation model helps curb COVID-19 in world’s largest refugee settlement

A new model developed by our data scientists to simulate the spread of COVID-19 has helped curb the spread of the virus in the world’s largest refugee settlement.
UNHCR/Coxs Bazar

Student musicians record music for Lumiere light festival

A specially created ensemble made up of some of our most talented student musicians has recorded the soundtrack to the centrepiece of this year’s Lumiere light festival.
Image showing recording session with student musicians

New leader for equality, diversity and inclusion

We’re working to build an environment that is respectful and where people feel comfortable to be themselves and flourish. As part of this work, we’re very pleased to announce the appointment of our first Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion).
Dr Shaid Mahmood

Apes show similar interaction patterns to humans

A new study led by experts from our Psychology Department has revealed that apes such as chimps and bonobos show striking similarities to humans in how they interact using signals.

Alumna, banking pioneer and green business leader to be honoured

Our graduates go on to enjoy inspiring careers and make a significant, lasting impact around the globe. We’re very pleased to be honouring one of them as she makes her way to Glasgow for COP26.
Headshot of Alison Rose, Chief Executive of NatWest

Climate change might make winter bird migration a thing of the past

Experts from our Department of Biosciences think this is a possibility after new research found that some species of trans-Saharan migratory birds, like Nightingales and Willow Warblers, are spending as many as 50-60 fewer days a year in their non-breeding grounds in Africa.
Image showing Yellow Wagtail

Lumiere 2021 - Researching the fundamentals of time

As part of this year’s Lumiere light festival our Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics will be lit-up with a projection entitled 'Chronos', telling the story of time from nanoseconds to millennia. Here we explore how experts in our Department of Physics are behind research to measure time ever more accurately.
Image showing rendering of Chronos by Leslie Epsztein and Camille Gross, a new commission that will be presented at Lumiere 2021

Countdown to COP26 – Working with nature to address the climate crisis

Durham is home to world-leading research into how we can work with nature to find ways to address the climate crisis.
City park in the sunshine

Tackling the ‘Moothane’ problem - cutting greenhouse gas from livestock

Did you know that methane released by animals such as cows accounts for about 50 per cent of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, and that one third of this is released indoors, in barns and sheds?
Image of a cow in a barn

University signs esports partnership with LDN UTD in UK university first

Durham has become the first UK University to form a collaboration with social purpose driven esports org LDN UTD. Working with the leading esports organisation, the partnership will bring the benefits of esports to students as well as the wider Durham community.
Esports DUEGS students gaming on big screen