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Students entering the Cathedral for congregation

The grand halls of Durham Cathedral echoed with cheers and applause over two celebratory days, as over 1,500 new graduates from 120 countries gathered to mark the successful completion of their degrees.

For these students, who call Durham University their alma mater, the iconic Winter Congregation ceremony signifies both an ending and a new beginning.

A momentous occasion

With loved ones beaming proudly in the pews, the momentous occasion honours years of academic rigour and personal growth.

Six ceremonies allowed graduates across various fields to unite as one in their shared sense of achievement.

Honouring outstanding achievement

The University had the distinct pleasure of conferring honours upon remarkable individuals who have made outstanding contributions in their fields:

Hometown hero Dame Sarah Connolly DBE, the acclaimed County Durham-born mezzo-soprano whose musical mastery earned her the coveted King's Medal for Music. She reached new heights as a Doctor of Music.

Lord Darroch KCMG, the distinguished diplomat whose tenure as National Security Adviser and UK Ambassador on both sides of the Atlantic has profoundly shaped foreign policy. He was named a Doctor of Letters.

Alison Gowman, Alderman of the prestigious City of London Corporation and Durham alumna extraordinaire, honoured as a Doctor of Civil Law.

Dr Desra Percaya, Indonesian Ambassador to the UK and fellow Durham graduate, also decorated as a Doctor of Civil Law.

The road ahead

As these newly honoured Doctors lined the stage, the University swelled with pride - confident its graduates will carry the Durham name across the globe, acting as ambassadors of academic excellence.

While one chapter closes, boundless opportunity lies ahead. Some will continue to further education, while others will embark on new careers.

Wherever their paths may lead, Durham's graduates depart with knowledge that they're prepared to take on the world, sought after for their intellect and abilities nurtured here.

Though their student days are done, Durham's doors will always remain open.

We wish our graduates the brightest of futures, and trust they'll stay connected to the place they'll forever call home.

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