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Professor Carlene Firmin speaking at an event

Professor Carlene Firmin MBE from our Department of Sociology has collaborated with Professor Michelle Lefevre, lead author, from the University of Sussex to produce a new research book.

The book showcases pioneering new ways for the social care sector to address shortfalls in adolescent safeguarding beyond their family home.

Bringing a change

The book, which reports on a review conducted under an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) project, explores innovative ways local authorities may more effectively, address the extra-familial risks and harms that young people encounter and experience in relationships and environments unrelated to their home. These may include criminal and sexual exploitation, weapon-enabled violence, sexual harassment and abuse in schools. 

These extra-familial harms currently, pose difficult challenges for conventional safeguarding systems in the UK. These systems have primarily been designed to address concerns relating to parenting capacity at home.

Research behind the recommendations

The team conducted an in-depth review of interventions and service models across ten countries, which they say are embedded in legislative and practice frameworks. The book reports on the results of this review.

The team then used their findings to put together a new, ‘pioneering’ framework for more effective practice models and systems for the UK care sector.

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