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School systems book

Pioneering academics from our top-rated School of Education are introducing a new book that presents detailed research into how poverty affects student opportunities and underachievement in schools.

Their new book highlights innovative ways through which education systems can be improved, particularly for the lowest-attaining and most disadvantaged students.

In-depth analysis

The researchers have conducted an in-depth investigation of the importance of schooling for young children.

They have carried out large-scale and longitudinal analyses of poverty-related indicators and investigated the measures most suitable and robust for identifying disadvantage in education.

Using these indicators, they identified promising approaches to improving schools for disadvantaged students.

The researchers conducted their fieldwork in the schools of India and Pakistan and presented high-quality evidence on the impact of funding policy initiatives in the book, such as the Pupil Premium funding in England, and the many variations of similar schemes worldwide.

Global implications

The innovative approach presented in the book of identifying the truly disadvantaged in education has global implications for who should receive the benefits of funding and for pupils who struggle to achieve expected educational outcomes.

This will be especially valuable for school systems worldwide struggling to reduce any educational deficit created by Covid-19 lockdowns.

The book will be published on 25th November and the authors recommend it to students of education policy, sociology of education and educational practices, and all researchers, school leaders, and policy-makers working in education.

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