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Satellites are burning up in the upper atmosphere – and we still don’t know what impact this will have on the Earth’s climate

100 Starlink satellites will be sent to burn up in the atmosphere, but does this present bad news for the ozone layer? Dr Fionagh Thomson from our Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy in our Physics department has taken a deeper look to assess whether there should be concerns for the environment.
A view of the Earth from Space

Longer sentences for ‘rough sex’ killers may not deliver justice for victims

After the Government announced longer sentences for rough sex killers, Dr Hannah Bows, who works in our Law School, has explained why she remains sceptical on whether this will provide justice for victims.
Hands in handcuffs

Journalism in a post-truth world

Social media, AI and 'fake news' are among the many challenges facing journalism today. South College Principal, Professor Tim Luckhurst, who has a decades-long career in journalism, shares his views on journalism in a post-truth world ahead of an event at South College where expert panellists will discuss the issue.
A close up of a computer tablet on top of a newspaper

Why forgetting is a normal function of memory – and when to worry

Professor Alexander Easton, who works in our Psychology department, explores at what point you should start to feel concerned if you or a loved one start to forget things.
A brain with jigsaw pieces representing memory loss

Looking back to build a better future

Ita Mac Carthy is Professor of early modern Italian literature and art in our School of Modern Languages and Cultures. She also directs the Institute for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (IMEMS) with Professor Richard Scholar. She recently took part in an Ideas Forum as part of 'UP North Culture + Knowledge: Growing Opportunities in the North East’. Here she discusses why Research Institutes like IMEMS can help us build a better future together for the North East of England.
Lindisfarne Gospels c.715 - 720

Somaliland-Ethiopia port deal: international opposition flags complex Red Sea politics

Professor Jutta Bakonyi, who works in our School of Government and International Affairs, looks at how a memorandum of understanding between Ethiopia and Somaliland announced on 1 January 2024 set off diplomatic rows in the Horn of Africa – and beyond.
Berbera, Sahil Region, Somaliland, Somalia: freighter ships moored in the Port of Berbera - tugboat and dhows, view from the beach - Somaliland's main harbor, operated by DP World and Berbera Port Authority, Dekedda Berbera.
Three international students sat talking

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