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Thought Leadership

How Brazilian politicians use religion to help them win

Professor Mathew Guest, from our Department of Theology and Religion, looks ahead to this autumn's Presidential Election in Brazil and considers how candidates court religious support.
Christ the Redeemer statue, Brazil

Constant fear of eviction: how poor people experience life in Somaliland’s growing cities

Professor Jutta Bakonyi from our School of Government and International Affairs along with colleagues from University of Hargeisa, Somalia sheds light on the living experience of poor people in Somaliland cities.
Somalian cities

Procrastinating is linked to health and career problems – but there are things you can do to stop

Professor Fuschia Sirois from our Department of Psychology looks at the problems linked to procrastination, and how to stop.
Man scrolling on phone in front of laptop

How a British sense of justice saved black American GI wrongly sentenced to death in WWII

Professor Tim Luckhurst, Principal of South College, looks at how British concern over US military justice during World War Two tested the two countries’ “special relationship” and one particular case which brought tensions to the surface.
Black USA soldiers draw rations at the camp cook house at their station in Northern Ireland during World War Two

Kenya declares William Ruto as its new president in an election drama that’s far from over

Professor Justin Willis from our Department of History looks at the outcome of the recent presidential election in Kenya, along with Professor Emma Elfversson from Uppsala University.
Silhouette of a hand putting a voting slip into a box

Hosepipe ban: should you snitch on your neighbour’s water use? A philosopher’s take

Dr Peter West from our Department of Philosophy explores the ethical dilemma of a hosepipe ban and the suggestion by some water companies that people should report their neighbours if they are flouting the ban.
Person using hosepipe to water garden

The world’s biggest ice sheet is more vulnerable to global warming than scientists previously thought

The East Antarctic Ice Sheet is by far the largest on the planet and it's crucial that we don't awaken this sleeping giant. Professor Chris Stokes and Dr Guy Paxman from our Geography Department tell us why.
East Antarctic Ice Sheet

Euro 2022 can be a catalyst for women’s football in England – here’s how

Dr Stacey Pope, Associate Professor in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences, discusses how Euro 2022 has all the ingredients to be a breakthrough moment for women’s football in England.
Footballs on a field

What is 'normal' baby sleep? How evolutionary clues, not cultural expectations, can help new parents

Professor Helen Ball from the Durham Infancy & Sleep Centre explores a biological view of infant sleep, and how it's quite different from the cultural and clinical expectations of infant sleep in most western societies.
A man holding a baby over his shoulder

How to fix the 'broken' peer review system

Kelly-Ann Allen, Associate Professor in the School of Educational Psychology and Counselling, Faculty of Education, Monash University; Jonathan Reardon, Research Assistant in our School of Education; Joseph Crawford, Senior Lecturer, Educational Innovation, University of Tasmania; and Lucas Walsh, Professor and Director of the Centre for Youth Policy and Education Practice, Monash University, asked fellow academics how the 'broken' peer review system could be fixed.
Peer review system is broken TL

Debunking the myth of the ‘evil people smuggler’

Dr Corey Robinson, in our School of Government and International Affairs, and Yvonne Su, Assistant Professor in the Department of Equity Studies, York University, Canada, examine the narrative of the "evil people smuggler" in the context of the global refugee crisis and people’s attempts to claim asylum.
A banner saying refugees welcome at a protest march

Securing Scotland’s independence: Moving beyond process?

Aileen McHarg, Professor of Public Law and Human Rights at Durham Law School, discusses the paths to independence for Scotland following the First Minister's statement, including a new 'plan C' - the next UK General Election.
St Andrew's cross, flag of Scotland, blowing in the breeze