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Magnitude Biosciences

This Durham University spin-out is helping companies discover and develop new age-related treatments faster. 

Magnitude Biosciences provides an automated service to find health-span extending drugs faster and more cost effectively than current approaches. 

The company tests on nematode worms, called C. elegans – an established tool in ageing research due. Magnitude Biosciences has developed an innovative ‘healthspan machine’ to monitor large numbers of nematodes under multiple conditions. 

Magnitude Biosciences aims to serve the global field of ageing research and drug discovery. Dr David Weinkove, academic founder and CEO, said: “Ageing research is becoming more and more important in understanding conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. Our methods could help companies discover and develop new drugs or food additives that could improve the amount of time a person spends living a healthy life.” 

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