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About ARC

Advanced Research Computing (ARC) is a dedicated computing support unit within the Research Division of the University. We support academic researchers in all faculties across the University, where there is a requirement for the use of computers as part of their research. We provide facilities and expertise, connect people across different disciplines, and build on the services provided by Computing and Information Services. Our range of activity extends from simple coding assistance through to supporting computationally intensive research requiring High Performance Computing.

The complexity of today’s research across the sciences, arts, humanities, social sciences and business domains invariably requires that it is underpinned by digital technology, computational and data-intensive methods. Research Computing is the innovative use of computer technology, hardware and software to enhance research.

The mission of ARC is to enable Durham University research to leverage computational and data-intensive and research computing practice across ALL its disciplines.

The Unit was established after wide consultation both within the University and externally with academic and industrial partners. It was identified that to develop and expand the world leading research activity conducted at Durham there needed to be a comprehensive computational support facility.

Key drivers for our activities are to:

  • Encourage Software Engineering (and best practice in development) as part of research in all domains.
  • Retain expertise developed in projects within the University to enable further research.
  • Develop a broad Platform Management and investment strategy for the University’s Intensive computing and HPC facilities resources and services.
  • Develop and support Communities of Practice to share knowledge and expertise.
  • Enable high quality Interdisciplinary projects through internal and external brokerage and facilitation.
  • Ensure researchers are aware of the latest computational technologies and where appropriate receive Training to enable their research.