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About Us

We are a vibrant, welcoming community, hosting and supporting enriching experiences.

BEER unites a large number of academic and research staff and students studying behaviour, ecology and evolution in five departments (Anthropology, Archaeology, Psychology, Education and Biosciences), in two faculties (Social Sciences and Health, Science), to facilitate interactions and develop and enhance collaborations.
Our People
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BEER researchers draw on a diverse set of methodological and disciplinary perspectives. We work on organisms including mammals (seals, ungulates, carnivores, primates - including humans - and extinct species), fish, birds and plants. The methods we use include mathematical models, behavioural observation, non-invasive endocrinology, molecular methods, geometric morphometrics and geospatial analysis.

BEER enables postgraduate students and researchers at all levels to identify and interact with researchers that share their interests in other departments, broaden their interests, and cross-disciplinary boundaries. It facilitates the development of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research programmes.

BEER research interests include, but are certainly not limited to: sexual selection, predator-prey interactions, conservation, human-wildlife interactions, population dynamics, morphology and the evolution of culture.