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Comparative Criminal Judgments Project

Project Lead 

Professor Michael Bohlander 

Project Description 

This practice-facing, decolonisation-minded and best-practice sharing project will create a valuable resource of criminal judgments, drafted by experts on criminal law and procedure from a number of jurisdictions. A comprehensive factual case scenario will form the basis of the judgments, which will be based on the law and practice of each jurisdiction, written in English, but in the style of the relevant court in each jurisdiction.  

The project provides a hands-on approach to legal issues, demonstrating different drafting styles across jurisdictions and providing a valuable reference for practical understanding of different judicial cultures. It contributes to contemporary efforts to give a voice to jurisdictions which are not commonly heard on the global scene and could also be used in judicial training. 

The Scenario

You can read the scenario here.

Further guidance on how to draft a judgment is available here.

Project Participants 

  • Brazil: Paulo de Oliveira Segundo  
  • Bulgaria: Tatiana Batchvarova 
  • Cambodia: Bora Meas 
  • Chile: Carlos del Rio
  • China: Liling Yue 
  • Croatia: Nedzad Smailagic
  • Egypt: Adel Maged 
  • England & Wales: Natalie Wortley 
  • Estonia: Andres Parmas 
  • France: Aude Brejon
  • Germany: Michael Bohlander 
  • Hungary: Zsanett Fantoly and András Lichtenstein
  • Iran: Mohammad M. Hedayati-Kakhki 
  • Italy: Antonio Balsamo; Giovanni Chiarini 
  • Netherlands: Laura Peters and Jacco Janssen 
  • Poland: Jarek Zagrodnik 
  • South Africa: Jamil Mujuzi 
  • South Korea: Kyoungsic Min
  • Uruguay: Pablo Galain
  • Vietnam: Dang Minh Chau and Chau Thanh Nam

Call for Participants 

Please contact Professor Michael Bohlander if you would like to discuss the possibility of contributing a criminal judgment from a jurisdiction not yet represented in the list above.  

The Judgments

Judgments will be added here as they become available.

Brazil (I)

Brazil (II)




England and Wales: Jury Directions

England and Wales: Sentencing Remarks



Poland (I)

Poland (II)

Poland (III)