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The Centre for Sustainable Development law and Policy at Durham Law school was present at COP27 where it organised an event around 'Collaboration in Research and Education'.

Durham CSDLP at COP27


During COP27 in Sharm-El-Sheikh, the Durham Centre for Sustainable Development Law and Policy (CSDLP) convened an event on “Collaboration in Climate Research and Education” in EARTHDAY.ORG’s Climate Education Hub. Over the two weeks of COP, events in the Education Hub reached hundreds of thousands of people, both in-person and online. Initiatives were launched and new collaborators identified, as well as a rise in recognition on the importance of climate literacy. The CSDLP is excited by the momentum generated at COP and we hope to contribute to moving some of the initiatives forward through Earth Day 2023, COP28 and beyond.



Speakers at the event included four members of the Centre, Petra Minnerop, Durham Law School; Laura Marsiliani, Durham Business School; Chris Stokes, Geography and Ashraf Osman, Engineering, and three external collaborators of the CSDLP, Nilufer Oral, Director of the Centre for International Law at the National University of Singapore (CIL/NUS); Danielle Yeow, Climate law and policy lead for CIL/NUS and Amir Sokolowski, Director Global for Climate Change at CDP.


The CSDLP event was streamed across all platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook and received 61,034 total views. Here is the link to the Twitter livestream. It drew in academic colleagues, industry partners and policy makers, including from the first Law School in Bhutan, leading to further opportunities for collaboration.



The Ambassador of Peru to Egypt, Jose J. G. Betancourt Rivera, attended the meeting and conveyed his positive remarks after the event:

‘The Centre for Sustainable Development Law and Policy of Durham Law School is an outstanding example of responsibility and dedication of the bonds between Public International Law and the need for nature and environmental protection.’



The presence of Durham University at COP27 has created new opportunities for the CSDLP. Further steps can be taken to fully utilise the potential of this international platform, to stress our interdisciplinary research, consultancy, impact and educational offers. There is potential for internationalisation and collaboration at COP, with a considerable interest across the delegation and the CSDLP to organise future events with our partners.