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Our Research Profile

We publish our research in a diverse range of broad-interest journals across the natural and social sciences.

For the latest Cultural Evolution publications, consider reading the Palgrave Communications Cultural Evolution Collection, edited by Jamie Tehrani.
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Selected recent publications by our members

Jiménez, Á.V. Mesoudi, A. & Tehrani, J. (2020). No evidence that omission and confirmation biases affect the perception and recall of vaccine-related information. PLoS ONE15(3): e0228898 

Granito, C., Tehrani, J., Kendal, J., & Scott-Phillips, T. (2019). Style of pictorial representation is shaped by intergroup contact. Evolutionary Human Sciences, 1, E8. doi:10.1017/ehs.2019.8 

Offord, M., Gill, R. & Kendal, J. (2019) The effects of prestige on collective performance and information flow in a strictly hierarchical institution.Palgrave Communications 5, 4  

Powell, L.E., Barton, R.A. & Street, S.E. (2019). Maternal investment, life histories, and the evolution of brain structure in primates. Proceedings of the Royal Society B286(1911): 20191608 

Stibbard Hawkes, D. N. E. (2019) Costly signaling and the handicap principle in huntergatherer research: A critical review. Evolutionary Anthropology: Issues, News, and Reviews 28 (3): 144-157 

Stubbersfield, J.M., Dean, L.G., Sheikh, S. et al. (2019) Social transmission favours the ‘morally good’ over the ‘merely arousing’. Palgrave Communications 5, 70 

Grawunder, S., Crockford, C., Clay, Z., Kalan, A. K., Stevens, J. M. G., Stoessel, A. & Hohmann, G. (2018). Higher fundamental frequency in bonobos is explained by larynx morphology. Current Biology28(20): R1188-R1189 

Kendal, R.L., Boogert, N., Rendell, L., Laland, K.N., Webster, M. & Jones, P.L. (2018). Social Learning Strategies: Bridge-building between fields. Trends in Cognitive Sciences22(7): 651-665. 

Bortolini, Eugenio, Pagani, Luca, Crema, Enrico R., Sarno, Stefania, Barbieri, Chiara, Boattini, Alessio, Sazzini, Marco, da Silva, Sara Graça, Martini, Gessica, Metspalu, Mait, Pettener, Davide, Luiselli, Donata & Tehrani, J (2017). Inferring patterns of folktale diffusion using genomic data. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences114(34): 9140-9145. 

Luncz, Lydia V, Tan, Amanda, Haslam, Michael, Kulik, Lars, Proffitt, Tomos, Malaivijitnond, Suchinda & Gumert, Michael (2017). Resource depletion through primate stone technology. eLife6: e23647 

Vale, G., Flynn, E. G., Kendal J. R., Rawlings, B., Hopper L. M., Schapiro S. J., Lambeth S. P. & Kendal R. L. (2017). Testing differential use of payoff-biased social learning strategies in children and chimpanzees. Proceedings of the Royal Society B284(1868): 20171751