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Message from the Director

Lei ChenInternational dispute resolution cannot be more relevant in the fraying world we now live in. The increasing popularity of international commercial arbitration, the "regulatory-chill" controversies over Investor-state Dispute Settlement reforms; the proliferation of the international commercial courts around the globe, the rising number of inter-state wars, and the introduction of the Singapore Mediation Convention, all of which necessitates creation and dissemination of knowledge on the international dispute resolution. 


The DIDRI aims to offer intellectually challenging, cohesive, hands-on training in our LLM in International Dispute Resolution, summer school, and executive education programmes. The DIDRI is committed to improving society by researching dispute resolution from policy, historical, doctrinal, theoretical, cultural, comparative, empirical and comparative perspectives. It extends knowledge and understanding of international dispute resolution by facilitating knowledge exchange between legal practice and research. It also conducts consultancy and policy studies to inform the governments, legislatures, and other stakeholders and to generate impact beyond academia.


The DIDRI needs to create and maintain an active international profile with positive and high visibility. We continue to develop and maintain market-driven programmes and deep-level cooperation with our peer institutes globally.


Professor Lei Chen

Director of DIDRI