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About Us

The purpose of DELI is to act as a forum for the discussion of cutting-edge European law issues and a channel through which Durham scholars can keep the wider academic and professional communities up to date with the most recent legal developments in the EU.
Our People
Students listening intently during a seminar

The research of DELI members spans a wide variety of European law topics, ranging from European constitutional law through the law of the internal market to EU external relations and fundamental rights law, with specialisations including work in the EU competition, financial regulation, and public health spheres.

DELI organises a range of activities and projects for the benefit of its members and all those with an interest in European Law, including public lectures and seminars, reading groups and undergraduate/postgraduate research activities. We are also active on various social media platforms.

The Institute is always looking to further broaden its horizons by welcoming new researchers covering different aspects of this vibrant and diverse legal field. If you would like to become a member or would simply like more information on the activities of the institute, please get in touch with our Directors and feel free to browse this site.

We look forward to hearing from you.