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Collection of multi-coloured pipe cleaners.

Announcing the launch of the NNMHR-funded network "Neurodivergent Humanities" at the upcoming NNMHR Congress.

On the morning of April 20, Neurodivergent Humanities will host its launch event at CRITICAL, the upcoming online NNMHR congress. This launch event will detail the network’s vision for more inclusive research practices across the humanities and its planned events for the next academic year, including its mentorship programme.

The mentorship programme recognises that support for neurodivergent researchers tends to end with the transition from the classroom to the academy; we aim to redress this ableist oversight. The programme will pair neurodivergent researchers from different career stages (both within and outwith the academy) to work together on a project of their choosing with the aim of exploring and shaping new accessible methodologies that support neurodivergent modes of processing and working.

Further details about how to apply for the programme will be shared during the congress session and on the IMH and network websites.

Please check back for information on how to register for the launch.