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A woman looking in a mirror

IMH is hosting the 4th Annual Congress of the Northern Network for Medical Humanities on 21-23 April 2021, on Zoom.

The theme of the NNMHR Congress this year is (In)visibility. We will be reflecting on the ways in which we do medical humanities research, and considering how our work renders some aspects of health and illness visible, whilst leaving others out of sight. We will be looking at the sorts of experiences the medical humanities has become adept at bringing to light, and considering the impact of theoretical methodologies, research priorities and funding structures that have left other voices unheard.

The programme offers 4 keynote speakers and over 50 panels, covering broadly the themes of ageing, COVID-19, creative methodologies, disability, education, gender and sexuality, inequalities, maternity and childbirth, mental health, narrative, race, shame and stigma, and visual culture. Register now to join us and find out more.