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Key priorities

Durham has a long tradition of scientific research into human visual processes. The aim of the centre is to achieve formal recognition of this highly active research group within the University. The title acknowledges the major convergence between work investigating vision from a biological standpoint and work investigating visual processes such as recognition and memory.

Our Research
Over 50 years visual attention has been studied in Durham with some early and still critically important findings originating from labs in Durham
External collaborations working with colleagues across the UK and around the world
Long tradition of scientific research into human visual processes
Highly-active research group within Durham University


Our work on vision has always involved many external collaborations and we continue to work with colleagues across the UK and around the world.

Our centre provides a means of formally recognising this active research area within the University and of extending collaboration within and beyond the University.
Postgraduate Study
3T fMRI Scanner at James Cook University Hospital

The Centre’s aims are:

  • To encourage high-quality research and scholarly activity in the area of human vision and visual cognition by means of regular seminars, lectures and lecture series.
  • To attract academic visitors to Durham for lectures, short research visits and visits for more extensive periods. The centre is particularly concerned to attract a strong postgraduate complement.
  • To encourage research collaboration through shared use of facilities and joint projects and to continue to build up the range of equipment and techniques available in the research laboratories to investigate visual processes.
  • To foster links with industry and with local clinical practitioners (ophthalmologists, optometrists, neurologists, neuropsychologists and clinical psychologists) whose work has a connection with vision.
  • To provide teaching in this specialised interdisciplinary area which will be developed through undergraduate course modules and possibly in the longer term through specialised postgraduate courses and modules.

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