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Dr Andrés Luque-Ayala

Associate Professor

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Associate Professor in the Department of Geography323+44 (0) 191 33 41873
Associate Professor , Economy and Culture323+44 (0) 191 33 41873
Associate Professor , Geographies of Life323+44 (0) 191 33 41873
Associate Professor , Urban Worlds323+44 (0) 191 33 41873


Andrés' research agenda revolves around three interrelated topics and their implications for cities, particularly in the Global South. First, the development of a critical geography of energy, through new questions around energy politics, security and risk. This is done via an analysis of the politics involved in the scalar re-making of energy processes and the emergence of a local governance of energy around renewable resources. Second, a socio-technical examination of ‘smart’ forms of urbanization and the coupling of digital and material infrastructures as a new security apparatus in the city. Finally, a critical evaluation of urban responses to climate change and the disruption of the relationship between climate mitigation and adaptation in cities. 

In addition to his academic experience, Andrés has over 12 years of practitioner experience in the interface between urban infrastructures and environmental issues. Between 2004 and 2010 he worked as an urban designer and sustainability consultant for the London-based engineering firms Alan Baxter and Associates and Ove Arup & Partners, integrating and coordinating the work of architects and engineers designing and masterplanning eco-cities and other sustainable settlements in China, the UK and Latin America. Previously he worked with indigenous groups, government agencies and NGOs in the development of community based conservation areas in the Amazon.

Andrés is a member of the International Working Group “Smart grids – smart cities?” of the Akademie für Raumforschung und Landesplanung (the German Academy for Spatial Research and Planning - ARL). Previously he coordinated the ESRC funded International Network on Comparative Urban Low Carbon Transitions (INCUT)—a global network of researchers examining how cities around the world are responding to climate change—and was a co-investigator in the RCUK-CONFAP International Network (UK-Brazil) Augmented urbanity and smart technologies.

Academic Profile
  • 2010 - 2013: PhD Geography, Durham University.
  • 2003 - 2004: MSc City Design and Social Science, LSE. 
  • 2001 - 2003: Masters in Environmental Management, Yale University.
  • 1994 - 1999: Political Scientist (5 year degree), Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.
  • 1993 - 1998: Anthropologist (5 year degree), Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.
    Teaching and Tutoring
    • Programme Director, Risk Masters
    • Lecturer
      • Social Dimensions of Risk and Resilience. Risk Masters, Durham University, UK (2015-2017). 
      • Fundamentals of Risk Research. Risk Masters, Durham University, UK (2016-2017). 
      • Cities and the Governing of Climate Change. Geography Department, Durham University, UK (2014-2016). 
      • Urban Geography. Geography Department, Durham University, UK (2015-2016). 
      • Environmental Processes and Governance. Geography Department, Durham University, UK (2015-2017).
      • Introduction to Geographical ResearchGeography Department, Durham University, UK (2015-2016).
    Academic Awards and Scholarships


    • 2011: Slawson Award, Royal Geographical Society - RGS, London, UK.
    • 2004: Degree with Distinction, MSc, London School of Economics.
    • 2001: Fulbright Scholar (with scholarship), Fulbright Comission, USA.
    • 1999: Degree with Honors, Political Science, Universidad de los Andes.
    • 1998: Degree with Honors, Anthropology, Universidad de los Andes.

    Scholarships and Grants:

    • 2013-2015: Hatfield College Junior Research Fellow, Durham University
    • 2011: Santander Mobility Grant (for research in Brazil), Durham University, UK.
    • 2010: EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy Scholarship (3.5 years), Durham University, UK.
    • 2002: Compton Environmental Fellowship, Compton Foundation, USA.
    • 2001: Barsa Scholarship (2 years), De Sa InterAmerican Foundation, Brazil.
    • 2001: Evan Frankel Scholarship (2 years), Frankel Foundation, USA.

      Awarded Grants

      • 2016: RF150394: H2020-NATURVATION, European Commission, 2016-2020


      Authored book

      • Luque-Ayala, A. & Marvin, S. (2020). Urban operating systems: producing the computational city. MIT Press.

      Book review

      Chapter in book

      • Luque-Ayala, A & Marvin, S (Forthcoming). Chapter 14: Developing a critical understanding of smart urbanism. In Handbook of Urban Geography. Schwanen, T Edward Elgar.
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      • Luque-Ayala, A. (2015). Solar hot water and housing systems in São Paulo, Brazil. In An Urban Politics of Climate Change: Experimentation and the Governing of Socio-Technical Transitions. Bulkeley, H., Castan Broto, V. & Edwards, G. Routledge. 157-176.
      • Luque, A., McFarlane, C. & Marvin, S. (2014). Smart urbanism: cities, grids and alternatives? In After Sustainable Cities?. Hodson, M. & Marvin, S. Routeldge. 74-90.
      • Luque, A. (2014). The smart grid and the interface between energy, ICT and the city. In Urban retrofitting for sustainability: mapping the transition to 2050. Dixon, T., Eames, M., Hunt, M. & Lannon, S. Routledge.

      Conference Paper

      • da Silva, J., Kernaghan, S., Luque, A., Cook, S., Crawley, C. & Singleton, D. (2010), Cities and Climate Change Adaptation: the Role of Rapid Resilience, 5th Civil Engineering Conference in the Asian Region and Australasian Structural Engineering Conference. Sydney, Australia, Sydney.

      Edited book

      • Luque-Ayala, A, Marvin, S & Bulkeley, H (2018). Rethinking Urban Transitions: Politics in the Low Carbon City. Routledge.
      • Luque-Ayala, A. & Silver, J. (2016). Energy, Power and Protest on the Urban Grid - Geographies of the Electric City. Routledge.
      • Marvin, S., Luque-Ayala, A. & McFarlane, C. (2015). Smart Urbanism: Utopian Vision or False Dawn?. Routledge.
      • Lobo-Guerrero, M., Herrera, X., de Greiff, J. & Luque, A (2000). Matavén Selva Corazon de la Salud. Fundación Etnollano / Prorama COAMA / Union Europea.

      Journal Article

      Newspaper/Magazine Article

      • Luque, A. (2011). India pioneers use of solar power in city of Thane. Urban World / UN-Habitat IV(3): 37-38.
      • Luque, A. (2003). The People of the Mataven Forest and the National Park System: Allies in the creation of a Community Conserved Area in Colombia. Policy Matters - A Journal of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) 12.

      Supervision students