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Dr Alastair Basden

Head of COSMA HPC Service

Head of COSMA HPC Service in the Department of Physics+44 (0) 191 33 42229


About my research

I am the technical manager for the COSMA High Performance Computing system at Durham. This is a tier 1 national supercomputing facility, used by people from all over the world. For information please see For emergency contact, please use 07771 three three five five nine three.

I am also a researcher in most things to do with astronomical adaptive optics (AO) including real-time control systems and simulation, as well as design and bench work.

I have developed the Durham AO real-time controller which has been used successfully by multiple institutes worldwide.

I perform extensive end-to-end simulations of AO systems for the next generation Extremely Large Telescopes

I am a member of the CANARY team, developing technologies for next generation AO systems with on-sky testing

I am involved with the DRAGON AO bench in Durham studying wide-field AO.

I have extensive knowledge of camera electronics and calibration techniques.

Esteem Indicators

  • 2000: Real-time control systems workshop: Head of SOC, Organiser
  • 2000: Real-time control systems workshop: SOC member


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